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I’ll change six times before you have a chance to define me.

Based on Bergman's movie Persona, this interpretive dance video represents not fully knowing who you are and using other people to create and affirm a persona for yourself.

The main character bounces back and forth between real life and an alternate world where she battles her insecurities and fear of rejection through dance.

Each dance begins with her reacting to her opponents' moves, but by the end, she's creating her own steps.

Special thanks to Milk Studios and Media box!



Director/Editor: Brit Phelan
DP: Matt Tompkins
1st AC: Samahra Little
2nd AC: Jak DeRobertis
BTS Photographer: Johnny Le
Gaffer: Jeffrey Taylor
Key Grip: Beau Beagles
Wardrobe Stylist: Brittny Moore
Stylist Assistant: Regina Doland
Hair and Makeup: Abby Woodman
Production Designer: Oliva McManus
On Set Dresser: Jeremiah Thomas
Production Coordinators: Caitlin Engel and Vincenzo Carrano
Choreographer: Moises Josue Michel
Dancers: Jen Lacy, Pia Vinson, Dominique McDougal, Gia Todisco and Nikki Keeshin
VFX: Peiter Hergert
Colorist: Dan Edwards
Music: Jenna Kyle
Sound: Graham Barton