In Hollywood, I found a community of creators, and they became my friends. One of them was in a band called Lesser Piece, and one night I went to see them play. I was moved by the lead singer Diana’s voice. It was soft, yet powerful.

After the show, I asked the band if they wanted to collaborate with me on an original song—a song to mark the start of this project. They said yes.

Enjoy the results!



Director: Brit Phelan
Animator: Peiter Hergert
Music: Lesser Pieces

Photos: Sierra Prescott, George S. Harkness III, Logan Triplet, Brian Bee, Caitlin Engel, Emma Vaughn, Diane Badié, Johnny Le, Aly Cayer, Brit Phelan, Jeredon O’Conner, Alissa Torvinen, James Heredia, Mike Slott, Natalie Saing, Lauren Beyda, Amanda Kitt, Stephanie Fraide, Emilio Loria, Monica Reyes, Tim Mahoney, Shaun Murdock, Amanda Tuttle, and Ange Beckum