I found Phé through a friend. When I listened to her music, I was immediately intrigued and shot her an email. Something like: “Hey, I’m Brit! I’m a director and I love your music. Want to do a vid?”

I wanted to explore the idea of looking for yourself in a world that is both real and filtered through social media.

Her answer: “Yes.” In the end, we made two videos.

The first one is about feeling isolated while simultaneously being more connected then ever. The video takes you in and out of realism and surrealism, illustrating the dubious practice of understanding life through your phone or social media. Sometimes, it’s hard to unite your physical and digital self.

At the end of the video, she goes fully into the digital world, into the machine. She finds a place that makes her feel in harmony with both worlds.

The second video uses separate rooms to explore the duality of good moods and bad moods, good days and bad days. The only person who can truly get you out of a bad way is yourself. You are actually the one on the other side of the wall. The blue room is where the stress, depression, and anxiety of contemporary adult life takes place. The woman in the blue room is trying to move on from unnecessary pain. The yellow room is where happiness and peace, and a childlike freedom exist. The woman in the yellow room is carefree and playful, and she lets pain come and go. Through her freedom, she starts to dance. The woman in the blue room responds, sluggishly at first. In the end, we reveal they are one: in both rooms, and in one room.



Director: Brit Phelan
Producer: Andrea Cahigal
DP: Alex Van Brande
AD: Matthew Sanchez
PA: Casey Dowling
Photographer: Marko Alonso
Gaffer: Olivia Riportella
Electric: Nick Riportella
Key Grip: Annie Dean-Ganek
Stylist: Gigi Lynn
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Nicole Smith
Production Designer: Melissa Cripe and Daniella Soltero
Art Dept Assistants: Gabby Cobar and Rupali Wason

Choreographer: Pia Vinson
Extras: Emily Shearman, Eloise Kelsey, Marie Lang, Charlie Ann Max, Gabi Lam, Kobi Corrine, Bellamy Brewster, Samahra Little, and Rachel Troy
Editor: Little Known Creative Studio
VFX: Michael Miller
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Music: Phé
Sound: Jaime Estalella and Rob Dennler