Thanks to technology, proximity no longer defines who we can be in contact with. "Local" is now a relative term.

This project is a portrait of a young woman in South Carolina who's on the path of self-discovery. She happens to be my cousin. Her name is Sarah Harper, and she struggled with being openly queer in the South for years. Recently, though, she found love, connection, friendship, and acceptance by tapping into a bigger world that technology brings close.

People always talk about the dangers of digital life, misinformation, bullying, isolation, etc. And stories like Sarah's can get lost in the shuffle. There are so many people starved for connection, and for the technology is a lifesaver.

I decided to create a pride campaign that shows normal people living their lives and connecting in a universally relatable way. This video begins with Sarah's story as a queer person in the South and ends with a conversation between her and me over FaceTime. 

If I were to expand this project further, the next video would start with my story, and end with an interaction with another queer person—hence passing the torch to them and their story for the third video, and on and on…

Much like Project_4, the idea is to show unification between our digital and physical selves. Each main character used a device or social platform to form a connection that ultimately leads them to physically being with their newfound community. 



Director: Brit Phelan
DP: Lili Peper
Creative Studio: Little Known
Editor: Xander Mozejewski
VFX: Michael Miller
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Sound: Rob Dennler